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Jayasinghe, Dayani, Crowder, Richard and Wills, Gary (2016) Barriers preventing introduction of telemedicine University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/399944 [Dataset]

Salehi, Mohammad, Ejlali, Alireza and Al-Hashimi, Bashir M. (2016) Dataset supporting the article entitled "Two-Phase Low-Energy N-Modular Redundancy for Hard Real-Time Multi-Core Systems" University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/397799 [Dataset]

Balsamo, Domenico, Das, Anup, Weddell, Alexander, Brunelli, Davide, Al-Hashimi, Bashir, Merrett, Geoffrey and Benini, Luca (2016) Dataset supporting the article entitled “Graceful performance modulation for power neutral transient computing systems" University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/386876 [Dataset]

SHAFIK, RISHAD A, Yang, Sheng, Das, Anup, Maeda-Nunez, Luis, Alfonso, Merrett, Geoffrey and Al-Hashimi, Bashir (2015) Learning transfer-based adaptive energy minimization in embedded systems University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/383899 [Dataset]